Historic Ship NAUTILUS Virtual Tour

The Wardroom and Officer Staterooms
The Wardroom and Officer Staterooms Cutout

WardroomOfficer Country is a slang term used by the crew to describe the officer living areas on board ship. It's properly known as the Wardroom where 11 officers would eat, have meetings, and socialize. On the wall behind the wardroom table are instruments which gave the officers information on the ship's speed, course and depth. Also on display is an original book of Jules Vernes "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" who conceived of a marvelous submarine named NAUTILUS over 100 years ago.

Officer StateroomLocated adjacent to the Wardroom area are small staterooms, each containing three bunks and separate desks. These staterooms were used by the ship's officers for sleeping and as their offices. On all submarines, efficient use of space is critical so no area is under-utilized. Even the officers had folding sinks and bunks. The interior may seem cramped, but the living quarters on all but the largest modern submarines are even smaller.

CO's RoomDirectly across from the Wardroom were the Commanding Officer's and Executive Officer's staterooms. High ranking visitors would share the Executive officer's stateroom. Only the Commanding Officer had a private room.

BerthingCO Stateroom

From the Wardroom, you will go to the Attack Center.