Historic Ship NAUTILUS Virtual Tour

The Crew's Mess
The Crew's Mess Cutout

Crew's MessThe final area of the tour is the Crew's Mess where the enlisted men ate. Meals were served every six hours at watch turnover, so there were plenty of chances to eat. Because of the difficult conditions onboard submarines, submarines had the best food in the military. Here, one could smell the hot coffee 24 hours a day. There was also an ice cream machine and "Bug-Juice" Machine. "Bug Juice" is the Navy's version of "Kool-Aid". The Crew's Mess, being the largest area of the ship, was also used for training, meetings, and entertainment such as watching movies or playing cards.

CPO berthingLocated across from the Crew's Mess is the Chief Petty Officer's Quarters. Chief Petty Officers are the senior enlisted men on board and have their own separate living area where they could relax while off watch.

CPO Qtrs

GalleyFurther down the corridor is the Kitchen, known as the "Galley". The Galley prepared food for the enlisted and officers. Next to the galley is the scullery where dishes were washed and other cleaning chores took place.

Life aboard a submarine is a world unto itself. Even without the light of day or the darkness of night, the men onboard the NAUTILUS were able to punctuate their days with work, recreation, meals and sleep. It was a coordination of the crew's skills and hard work that enabled the world's first nuclear powered submarine to conquer new horizons...and the depths of the sea.

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