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Summer Programs at the Submarine Museum

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TIMI (Try It, Make It) Fridays 9am-12pm

JULY 18 — Making Waves
TRY IT: Slinkies and wave bottles.
MAKE IT: Paper slinkies and cup phones.

JULY 25 — Keep Your Balance
TRY IT: Gyroscopes and balances.
MAKE IT: Your own top.

AUGUST 1 — Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere
TRY IT: Seltzer rockets and baking-powder submarines.
MAKE IT: A bubble wand.

AUGUST 8 — Dazzling Drawings
TRY IT: Spirographs and reflection drawing.
MAKE IT: A spiral painting.

AUGUST 15 — I’ve Seen the Light
TRY IT: Sun prints and optical illusions.
MAKE IT: A rainbow wand and UV bead bracelet.

AUGUST 22 — Got all Your Marbles?
TRY IT: Water marbles and Wall Coasters.
MAKE IT: A marble maze.

4-Hs STEMtastic! MONDAYS 1011:30 AM

JULY 21 — The Science of Yoga: Learn about force, point of center, and equilibrium
through fun yoga poses and games.

JULY 28 — Ride the Waves: Learn about different types of waves (water, sound, and more) and use your knowledge to create stories using a Green Screen and photography.

AUGUST 4 — Wind: Not Just For Flying Kites: Make your own wind vane and discover why wind is important when it comes to creating energy.

AUGUST 11 — Travel to the ‘60s!: Create your own Lava Lamp using basic chemistry and colorful materials!

AUGUST 18 — Flubber!: Make your own gooey experiment called Flubber.

AUGUST 25 — Balloons and Cars: Turn into an engineer and make your own balloon car that shows us how force can make a difference.


2014 STEM Program Announced

The Submarine Force Library and Museum Association, in cooperation with the Submarine Force Museum, Historic Ship Nautilus and the Naval Historical Foundation, was pleased to offer science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) teacher fellowships again this summer to middle school and high school STEM teachers. 

Announcement of the STEM Fellowship Selectees

Lesson Plans Developed by the STEM Teacher Fellowship Program

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